We offer our clients a range of advanced Qualitative and Quantitative research solutions. Our experienced researchers are trained to conduct surveys and interviews that provide you with the insights you need to drive your business goals. We use the best methodology tailored to the specific needs of our clients while putting into practice years of industry knowledge, insight, and expertise.

Professional approach to guarantee that your leads are of the highest caliber.

Our Quantitative Data Collection Methodologies Include CATI Data collection, Online Data Collection, CAPI / PAPI Face to Face Data collection, and Mystery Shopping.

In addition to conducting full-scale quantitative research, we also offer qualitative services such as developing focus group recruitment screener questionnaires, creating discussion guides, recruiting participants for focus groups and in-depth interviews, leading focus groups, and conducting in-depth interviews, and transcription.

Quantitative Market Research

We understand that the success of any research project demands the adoption of a systematic approach for both qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our proven proprietary Quantity Management system ensures that our clients get the most robust and effective data possible.

We provide end-to-end research services from developing screener questionnaires to conducting mobile surveys/ focus groups/face-to-face interviews, translation services to questionnaire translation, statistical analysis, data processing, and report writing.

Qualitative Research

Excelsior Research has a long history of qualitative research. Our moderating team works closely with our quantitative research analysts to integrate multi-modal research into a seamless story that will provide you with incredibly rich insights and business-building recommendations.

We provide a full spectrum of qualitative services – focus groups, face-to-face interviews, and telephone interviews – designed to help you make sense of your customer’s needs so that you can develop products and services that speak directly to them.

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