Intents are the starting point of your engagement with customers and the basis for multichannel marketing. An Intent Data platform lets you create data collected from different sources, unite them by intent and segment your customers according to cohort-based behavior.

Use intent data to understand your customer's needs and convert more leads into sales

Intent data confirms target accounts are actively researching and evaluating your solutions, offering real-time insight into client engagement. When you have a more personal level of understanding of prospects’ intent, it’s easier to plan and execute successful campaigns.

We provide the most accurate B2B intent data on the market, and combine it with Widget Analytics’ standard of in-depth user profiling to bring you the most cost-effective campaigns. We have over 8+ years of experience working in this space, and we can offer insight into future purchasing behaviour so you can make smart decisions about your marketing campaigns.

Are your marketing and sales campaigns ready for the new year?

With new tools and data sources, marketers can gain even more insight into their customers and start crafting more targeted messaging to anticipate buyer needs and drive conversions using different types of intent data.

Excelsior Research’s proprietary intent-based approach to outbound marketing allows B2B marketers to pinpoint customers who are most interested and ready to buy. Through our proprietary algorithm, we’re able to provide you with distinct customer segment information that enables you to identify prospects, engage them more effectively and drive more revenue.

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